What we do
  • Fix, repair, install heating systems that use any combination of boilers and radiators and heating coils and air handling units
  • Our speciality is steam, efficient steam... and there's also hot water systems and anything we can do about your comfort
  • We delight in restoring the heating systems within old homes with all the care you want and all the modern upgrades you might need
  • So many commercial structures around here were meant to be efficiently heated by steam - 40 years ago, and still today - you're lucky if you still have steam and a little maintenance will yield eye popping performance
  • Things to consider when the wind blows your power out... a week without heat could get cold... really cold.
  • Well, remember the promises we made in the dark days after the remnants of hurricane Ike stormed over us on September 14, 2008.
  • Most residential steam heat systems require no other source of energy beyond the natural gas input. They heat all by themselves. Get in touch to see if your thermostat is run off the grid and if it can be backed up with batteries. You'd have heat even without electricity.
Beyond appliances there is a world of system wide thermal efficiencies - Compare
System Central Warm Air Hot Water Heat Home Steam Heat Industrial Steam Heat
Return for your fuel 82.9% 83.2% 84.4% 86.1%
With this flue loss 17.5% 17.5% 20% 15%
And this piping loss 30% 20% 10% 30%
Solve Problems
  • Uneven heat, unusual noises, leaks, stuck valves, no heat, etc.
  • Season start up, boiler cleaning, system flush, tune up, check up.
  • Worries about inefficiencies in your system.
  • Radiator and piping modifications.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Routine maintenance, routine steam surveys, system documentation.
How to Welcome the Ever so Rapidly Approaching Winter
Thanks for visiting - Steam heat systems work at the speed of light. They come on, they cook and you're hot. It should be about that good and it is exactly what is needed in this season of rapidly changing weather. Every year, the cold freeze of the winter falls on us with stifling rigor. The long swelter of the summer is gone and we're now lucky to have a steam radiator nearby, they make for a cozy winter by the window. Let's make it steamy. I know I make it a whole lot steamier in a whole lot of homes and commercial buildings around here.
If You've Been to the Holiday at Home Parade
It was a real thrill to see our very own China Olympic medalist Hyleas Fountain. Her medals shine on all of Dayton. Now, I think radiators are the Olympic stars of space heating and, with enough dedication, I eventually hope to turn this website into something hot, for our boilers' sake. I'll keep the torch lit.
So there, let's make sure we can bestow a gold medal of efficiency on your very own boiler at home. It's better when we're all winners. Usually, there is nothing to brag about having a fine furnace, but, with the radiance of steam heat there is something to make your neighbors melt.
Stay warm and thanks for visiting!
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